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Guide d’appropriation du Numérique Responsable (Responsible Digital Ownership Guide)

The "Guide d’appropriation du Numérique Responsable" was launched in April 2022!

Digital technology is now at the heart of new teaching methods. It is therefore entirely appropriate to question its impact. It is within this framework of reflection that the "Numérique Responsable " project was conceived as a collective mechanism to support higher education institutions in this transition. The aim was to offer the four pilot institutions tailor-made support while benefiting from a collective dynamic. This support had a double objective: to help the institutions to develop and sustain their actions, in order to create precedents that could serve as examples and help all the institutions to take action.

In this context the four pilot institutions wished to increase their skills in the area of responsible digital issues were supported by Campus Responsables and its project partners to achieve this. ESSEC, Junia, Kedge BS and Polytech Montpellier were thus able to deploy concrete actions within their institutions at the end of this collective support.

Visit the guide (avaible in French):


Latest update: 05.10.2023