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How to become an environmental changemaker

The Lobby for Climate launch a toolkit to be an environmental changemaker 

This toolkit is to empower you to be who you want to be in the world, to help you become more effective at making the world a better place, and reduce your worries about climate change by helping with the solutions. The first step in changemaking is learning how, and you are ready to start. These are generalizations that might not completely match your situation but can be used as inspiration for your individual changemaking journey. Enjoy all the wonderful ideas in here. If you use them, they will absolutely help you improve the quality of your life, and make the world a better place. We collected these ideas from students, educators, and long-time activists, asking them to share what has been useful to them. These contributors are volunteers at Change the Chamber Lobby for Climate, a bipartisan youth coalition taking on dark money, pro-fossil fuel groups in the United States, and advocating for the climate solutions we all need for a better future.

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Latest update: 05.10.2023