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Humanitarian Action and Sustainable Development Hackathon

The Almaarefa University organized and completed successfully a wonderful hackathon dedicated to humanitarian action and sustainable development. 

The hackathon is a competition in which social workers, programmers, engineers and interested young people in different disciplines come together to carry out pioneering innovative work in the humanitarian sectors, namely: food security and nutrition, health, shelter and non-food items, education, water and environmental sanitation and others.

This is to develop sustainable solutions to reduce the challenges donors, United Nations organizations and civil society organizations are facing while implementing relief and humanitarian projects to provide services to beneficiaries in disaster and crisis areas. 

Tremendous efforts were made by the participants to develop these innovative solutions that contribute to positive change in the society and the world at large with the hackathon highlighting the importance of the role of technology and innovation in achieving sustainable development and humanitarian action by providing effective and sustainable solutions. 

Find out more about the Almaarefa University and the hackathon here: 

Latest update: 26.09.2023