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KelGreen Task Force and Volunteers

KelGreen Task Force of University of Kelaniya is a voluntary staff driven initiative that encourages environmental behavioural change within the University. Its members share a passion for implementing and promoting environmentally sustainable changes to the office space and strive to encourage an environmentally conscious mindset among the university community.

KelGreen volunteers are undergraduates from Faculties of Commerce & Management, Humanities, Science, Social Sciences, Computing & Technology and Medicine. Volunteers can attend volunteer activities during the week or at weekend. CSS provide training and conduct environmental awareness campaigns for volunteers within the university and outside the university. It is simple to record the impact of volunteering in terms, for example, of the number of trees planted or tasks undertaken, but it has been much more challenging to measure other benefits such as personal development, health or behavioral change.

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To learn more about the KelGreen Task force, follow the link here


Latest update: 30.11.2023