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Master of Arts / Master of Science (Environment, Climate Change and Sustainability Studies)

The two year programme, Master of Arts / Master of Science (Climate Change and Sustainability Studies) Studies is a pioneering initiative of the School of Habitat Studies, that was initiated on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Earth Summit at Rio, held in 1992. In the twenty years since Rio, both the issues of climate change as well as sustainability have become significantly more urgent.

In summary, the programme

  • Provides students with knowledge of the scholarship in climate change, sustainability and sustainable development, based on a sound introduction to the study of development in general.
  • Teaches students to critically assess climate mitigation and adaptation principles and practices, and sustainability principles and practices.
  • Provides students with the conceptual and practical tools to evaluate developments in key sectors such as energy and water on the basis of their scientific, economic, and technological merits, as well as on their potential to contribute to broad societal goals such as development and poverty eradication, environmental protection and enabling equity.
  • Teaches students to locate and map value (4 Credits) vulnerabilities with respect to the environment and climate, but taking account also of social vulnerabilities including those due to caste, class and gender.

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Latest update: 06.10.2023