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MOOC Climate and Global Warming

Faced with the importance of global warming in our society, the University of Liège, the Laboratoire de Climatologie and CARE Digital Tools have created a MOOC (in French) to understand the dynamics behind climate and global warming.

As Sébastien Doutreloup, the main teacher of this MOOC, explains, the starting point is clear: "Since 2019, with Xavier Fettweis, we are regularly asked by young people, especially climate activists, to obtain clear and educational scientific information to learn more about the climate, its warming and the associated consequences". Rather than organising numerous meetings in small groups, these two teacher-researchers decided to create a free MOOC that would be as open as possible to meet this demand. 

The full course description and access can be found here:

Please note that the course in only available in French language for now.

Latest update: 09.10.2023