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SD Initiatives by the University of Coimbra

The University of Coimbra has been following different initiatives concerning sustainable development. 

Some of them are:

    Get to know the career of female researchers at the University of Coimbra.
    The Ecoliteracy course unit has as its main goal to enhance the debate about several environmental and ecological issues, such as sustainable agriculture, the loss of biodiversity or the Ocean protection. The subjects chosen are based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, with a special focus on the priorities within Natural Sciences. 

    The Office for Cooperation and Development's mission is to support cooperation actions aimed at training higher education systems and institutions in emerging and developing countries, especially Portuguese-speaking countries. It aims to facilitate the initiatives of the various sectors of the UC by providing an institutional framework and guaranteeing the articulation between the different stakeholders.


    The campaign to combat food waste Less=More aims to sensitize all members of the university community to the importance of a rational use of available resources and to the adoption of responsible consumption behaviours at the UC canteens and cafeterias, namely the adjustment of portions to individual needs and the adoption of cooking methods that promote efficiency in the use of food and the monitoring of waste.

  • SUPERA (Supporting the Promotion of Equality in Research and Academia)

    The main aim of the SUPERA project is to implement 6 fully-fledged Gender Equality Plans to articulate a structural understanding of gender inequalities, stereotypes and biases in research as a cross-cutting issue to tackle in their complex, multi-layered dimensions and the inclusion of a gender perspective in research and academia. 


    The UCicletas project consists in the provision and temporary use of bicycles at the UC, in order to promote physical and sporting habits within the academic community, through the adoption of alternative means of transport, thus encouraging attitudes and behaviours that contribute to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, through physical activity and sport.

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Latest update: 25.09.2023