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Smart City and Urban Mobility - Design for Pedestrian Thinking Beyond the Platform: Gulistan Skywalk

Walking is a major mode of transportation in a developing country like Bangladesh. In urban areas, people should be able to walk with reasonable comfort and safety, as walking is an essential part of a wide variety of activities. However there is a negligence towards study of local activities, pedestrian behavior, transportation facilities, flow characteristics, future provisions etc. In order to revitalize the spaces and utilize it, design of skywalk could separate the pedestrians from the vehicular movement in heavy traffic regions and also add to an overall experience to the people of Dhaka city.

Daffodil International University students worked on developing this research project and converting it into a proposal to build the Gulistan Skywalk, which was then sent to government officials. The project began in 2017. 

On October 31, 2019 Department of Architecture, DIU presented their research work converted into idea proposal at DTCA (Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority) conference room, Nagar Bhaban for pedestrian integration with BRT,MRT and Expressway. Prof. Khairul Enam, Head, DoA and Sk. Md. Rezwan, Sr. Lecturer presented the work for due consideration. The meeting concluded with the remark that an inter ministerial meeting is needed for the project. Around 15 officials from deputy secretary to engineers attended the presentation and praised the effort.

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Read more about this project in the Daffodil University report on partnership for sustainable development in Bangladesh. 

Latest update: 18.12.2023