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The Study and Evaluation of a High School Girls' Climate Change Education Program in Iran

Action to Combat Climate Change from High School (ACCCH) is a girls-only high school (10th and 11th grade) CCE initiative in Alborz Province, Iran. The ACCCH has been running for almost two years and focuses exclusively on climate change in high school environmental courses. ACCCH uses classroom instruction, field trips, and hands-on activities to empower girls to become climate ambassadors in their communities.

This case study aims to explore the initiative’s multidimensional outcomes, including its implementation and impact on girls’ skills and empowerment, to understand the ACCCH’s effectiveness, and to identify ways to enhance its quality. A team of four researchers from Cornell University, the Farzanegah High School, Khaneye Mohit Zist, and the University of Tehran will conduct a study of the ACCCH initiative using observation techniques and interviews informed by focus group discussions with students who participate in ACCCH. Besides this, the research team will also conduct a focus group with the students’ parents, and in-depth interviews with ACCCH’s designers, facilitators, and teachers. The research findings will help enhance the initiative’s quality and empower its team by connecting them with the MECCE Project’s international network.

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Latest update: 05.12.2023