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Support groups for refugees fleeing war

Helping to support refugees who have fled from violence, persecution or war-torn countries is a central part of SDG 16. De Montfort University has a long history of helping migrants forced to flee their homelands settle into a new life in the city of Leicester. The outreach programme to help asylum seekers and refugees was among the first projects started by DMU on the inauguration of its volunteering arm. DMU has been offering practical and emotional support for refugees and asylum seekers since its first project, which were English lessons for those arriving in this country, back in 2012. Student volunteers also now organise regular community events, arts and sports, alongside giving that much-needed practical support. 

The university is part of a network of support groups in Leicester offering help for refugees and asylum seekers in Leicester - one of Britain’s most diverse cities. There is also a sports programme in operation with swimming, climbing and football available for refugees at the university’s Queen Elizabeth II Sports Centre. 

Through its work with the Centre for At-Risk Academics (CARA), DMU has also been able to help bring three Syrian scholars, fleeing the conflict in their homeland, to the university to further their academic work. This outreach work led to the United Nations’ asking DMU to become the world lead for higher education, in 2017, in highlighting the issue of forced migration. This work further led to the UN asking DMU to become the global academic hub for SDG 16. 

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Latest update: 02.11.2023