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Sustainability initiatives at USEK

The Committee views the following recommendations as the University’s commitment to act with greater deliberation toward sustainability and with greater transparency. An objective of this document is to provide an aspirational statement of broad goals, serving as a compass for future direction. However, this document is neither final nor complete, and it will continue to evolve along with the University’s lived commitment to sustainability. The Committee will also identify new opportunities for expansion and improvement, such as constructing Net Zero buildings, creating an academic major in Sustainability Studies, transitioning to fully renewable energy sources, and procuring only sustainable products.

The Comprehensive Sustainability Strategy recommendations focus on the University’s continued actions and aspirations in various areas:

  • Energy and Emissions
  • Water
  • Building and Construction
  • Waste
  • Procurement, Licensing, Food Sourcing
  • Education and Research
  • Sustainable Transportation
  • Community Outreach

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Latest update: 02.11.2023