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Sustainable Development Goals Report 2022/2023 - Qatar University

In the Sustainable Development Goals Report 2022/2023 , Qatar University has summarized some of its efforts in working towards the SDGs

The University's work towards achieving the 17 SDGs follows four pillars: Research, Outreach, Students and Learning, Operations and Collaborations. Research is at the core of its inquiry into finding solutions to the challenges that are faced. The pillars of Outreach and Students and Learning make research accessible. Through its outreach work, the University raises awareness of sustainable development issues among a diverse wider community, and inspires discussion and debate to encourage active engagement with the SDGs. Through the pillar of Students and Learning, it exposes the next generation of researchers, industry leaders and activists to the most pressing challenges of our time, transfers its research and experience, and empowers them to take the lead in finding solutions. Finally, the last pillar is how the university does its part operationally in working towards the sustainable development goals while building a strong network of partners.

The SDGs can only be achieved when different sectors in society work collectively to contribute their expertise in addressing the challenges faced globally and locally. Accordingly, across the pillars Qatar University has built local, regional and international partnerships with a range of organizations – including academic, governmental, industry and NGOs - to ensure real, meaningful and effective collective action is taken towards achieving the SDGs.

Find the Sustainable Development Goals Report 2022/2023 here

Latest update: 26.09.2023