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Sustainable Development at UdeS

Sustainable Development at UdeS

You think green? Come to us

Sustainable development is an integral part of our lives. Of course, this commitment is reflected in our research and teaching, but it is also present in our actions that mobilize our community and often originate from it: Ruche Campus, Coop la déraille, Frigo Free Go, etc.

First university in Canada according to the GreenMetric 2021 ranking. In addition, UdeS also holds the STARS platinum level certification in sustainable development. Only a dozen universities around the world have reached this level. None had received this certification on their first evaluation least, none before UdeS.

  • A carbon-neutral university with a 64% reduction in GHG emissions compared to 2002. (
  • Complete waste management with a composting unit directly on the Main Campus.
  • A project to designate Mont Bellevue as a University Nature Reserve.
  • The largest solar park dedicated to applied research in Canada.
  • A Centre universitaire de formation en environnement et développement durable (CUFE) [EN: University Centre for Environmental and Sustainable Development Studies], which has created an interdisciplinary space for training, reflection, and action for a more responsible society thanks to diverse programs and a team of recognized specialists. (
  • Free access to public transportation for students: in 2004, the Université de Sherbrooke was the first university in Québec to put forward a free access to public transit program for its students. Thus, all Sherbrooke students who present a student card can use the public transportation free of charge anywhere in the Ville de Sherbrooke.
  • Special rate for public transit pass for employees: all employees who do not purchase a parking permit can take advantage of a special rate for their public transit pass, and pay a fraction of the price.
Latest update: 05.10.2023