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Technical Vocation Education Training Unit, Renewable Energy Research and Development Unit, Entrepreneurship Unit, ICT Unit.

Training of staff on the use of clever board, writing of grant winning proposals, impacting of skills on carpentry, baking, mechanics, hair dressing, development of biomass farm, engagement of staff in field work on environment.


  • upgrade the staff and students skills and knowledge for effective functioning
  • empower the workforce towards self-sustainability
  • inculcate leadership skills to staff and students of the institution
  • expose the workforce on the societal expectation

Main Activities

  • Training some staff on TVET initiative at University of Nigeria Nsukka.
  • Training staff on Entrepreneurship skills at the Continuing Education Center of the University of Nigeria Nsukka.
  • Training of Science staff on the basics of Renewable Energy Skill, Procedures and Practices at the Energy Research Centre of University of Nigeria Nsukka and Energy Commission of Nigeria.
  • Setting up of the Research and Development Unit for the Renewable Energy Science and Nanotechnology.


The TVET trainee have successfully trained the staff of our institution and now lectures are being delivered to students using smart boards and e- learning techniques.

The effective establishment of an Entrepreneurship Centre at the Institution.

Establishment of Renewable Energy Science School is almost concluded.

Innovative Aspects

  • Cultivation of Jatropha Curcas seeds in our farm for bio diesel production
  • Construction of solar dryer by the Renewable Energy Research Unit
  • Certificate courses in leadership and entrepreneurial skills are now available in the institution and ongoing
  • Short courses for artisans, factory workers and small scale business on management skills has been initiated in the institution

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Latest update: 08.11.2023