Training on the SDGs for the INRS community

The National Institute of Scientific Research (INRS) has started its sustainability journey with the Sustainable Development Goals having a prominent place in it, with the first important action, being the education of the community about the SDGs.

For that reason, an asynchronous online training course was developed to provide students, faculty, executives and staff alike with an overview of what the SDGs are and how, as a university, the INRS can contribute to their achievement, through research, teaching, partnerships and its operations. The training is flexible, and participants can choose the sections that best suit their role at INRS.

Those who successfully complete the training receive a badge of achievement attesting to their basic knowledge of SDGs and those who wish to do so can display it in their email signature. The management has committed to having 100% of INRS executives complete the training in order to maximize the integration of the SDGs into the organization's governance. The training was launched in February 2023 and only one month later, more than a quarter of managers have completed the training and 5% of the total INRS community is enrolled in the training.

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Latest update: 26.09.2023