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UNESCO Chair In Water Technology Online Summer School

The UNESCO Chair on Desalination and Water Treatment in the Center for Advanced Materials (CAM) at Qatar University (QU) has successfully organized a two-day online summer school on “Desalination Technologies.” The event took place on 12 – 13 August 2023, and was conducted in collaboration with Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), India. This joint effort is a testament to the enduring partnership between the two institutions, which has seen the exchange of ideas, research initiatives, and students over several years.

The summer school, primarily aimed at students of AMU, a prestigious institution with over a century of academic excellence, revolved around the theme “Desalination Technologies.” The focus of the event was to address global water challenges, with a specific emphasis on the importance of water treatment and its alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6 (UNSDG 6) for clean water and sanitation. The event provided a platform for discussing emerging and cost-effective solutions that can contribute to a more sustainable future.

The summer school stands as a testament to the dedication and commitment of both the organizing teams and the participants, aiming to share knowledge and promote sustainable practices in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030.

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Latest update: 19.10.2023