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University Global Climate Forum - Publication Launch

This publication is a collection of final reports. We accepted 134 teams of students to the Forum. Each student was required to attend at least three workshops in November 2020, and all were offered the opportunity to enroll in a carbon literacy certification training offered by the University of Nottingham.  For six months starting in December 2020, we sent monthly messages to the teams and prompted them to post updates to Slack.  In May, we collected the 78 final reports you see here. We wanted to keep the reporting both simple and meaningful, so we asked the students to include their original Vision and Metric for Success, and then to reflect on what they were and were not able to accomplish in six months. We also suggested that they indicate which of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals their projects support.

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IAU was pleased to support the Global University Climate Forum since fall 2020 amongst the many partners.

Latest update: 09.10.2023