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Who cares? Project for students from students on physics and sustainable development


Many physicists and physics students perceive the world of abstract, elegant physics as separate of societal problems such as climate change, and thus reject all responsibility. We want to demonstrate how physics and the skills acquired during one’s studies play a role in the sustainable development of society.

To this end, we seek out former physics students who are pushing for sustainability. The format of our project consists of creating short video statements for social media, in which the alumni provide insight into their engagement and how their physics studies have proven to be helpful, as well as more in-depth material, such as interviews.

By sharing these stories, we want to present other physicists and physics students concrete and intrinsically interesting possibilities to use their skills and passion to overcome the climate crisis. We aim especially at reaching colleagues who are not principally interested in fighting climate change, but are intrigued by the physical aspects. For the future, we plan to expand the project to other scientific disciplines. 

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Latest update: 26.09.2023