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Città Studi Campus Sostenibile

The "Città Studi Campus Sostenibile" Project, launched in 2011 , is promoted by the Milan Polytechnic and by the University of Milan to transform the university district into a campus and a part of the city that becomes a model for quality of life and sustainability environment through the active contribution of the entire university population and the inhabitants of the neighborhood.

With everyone's contribution, we can build a new idea of ​​sustainable Campus and renovate Città Studi in a perspective of real sustainable development. Some of the objectives of the project include: 

  • renew the campus in a sustainable way;
  • to experiment with the innovations produced by university research;
  • activate "pilot" projects within the University spaces;
  • integrate services, research and teaching;
  • rethinking lifestyles and building more welcoming environments;
  • propose a better reference model for the whole city starting from the campus;
  • participate in international circuits of sustainable campuses and projects related to sustainability;
  • spread a culture of sustainability through training and dissemination activities.

The Città Studi Campus Sostenibile project is structured in six main areas of interest (themes):

  • Environment 
  • Energy
  • Food & Health 
  • Mobility 
  • people
  • City .

Each theme corresponds to a thematic table that elaborates projects and manages the proposals received. The areas are deliberately broad to foster an interdisciplinary approach on the same topic.

The six themes together structure the project and feed the unified vision for the sustainable campus.

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Latest update: 29.11.2023