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SOCIN 22: Scientific Conference on Social Innovations

The XI International scientific conference on Sustainable Social Innovations (SOCIN’22) is the European interdisciplinary social innovation research conference.

It was held on 20th of October 2022 in Vilnius, Lithuania in hybrid format.

The first SOCIN Conference was held in 2011 and gathered a lot of attention from all over Europe. Every year this event brings together scientists and researchers from different countries who study social innovations and who are able to offer a new theoretical idea and their practical application in relevant case studies.

Mykolas Romeris University is ready to welcome you to the SOCIN'22!

Please find more informationon the dedicated website.


The keynote presentations are available at the following youtube link :

Colleagues from the IAU HESD Cluster were invited to present at the SOCIN 22, including Dr. Roger Petry from Luther College, Canada. His presentation focused on Sustaining Well-being in Uncertain Times (which was one of the conference themes). Start at 3:30 of recording.

Latest update: 06.10.2023