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SUSEDI Project

Over the years, Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) has been evolving and been adopted across all levels of Formal Education while gaining the interest of Non-Formal education. However, in most cases the approach is sporadic and disjoint; that is, the curricula promoting ESD do not reflect the way various educational institutions are run, while the connection with the surrounding community is not prominent. This approach was formerly referred to as a Whole School Approach, but with the need to extend ESD beyond schooling, i.e. in workplaces, communities, the term has now changed to “Whole Institution Approach” (WIA).

SUSEDI is a joint transformation and certification journey for the 12 educational institutions (Formal, Non-Formal as well as Primary, Secondary, Higher, VET and Adult EIs) to adopt the WIA to sustainable development through a series of transformational steps, in accordance with the systemic framework for WIA to sustainability, and to certify them on achieving milestones. Additionally, SUSEDI aims to develop the sustainability competence of educators/ leaders/ administrative staff as their role is critical for institutions in terms of adopting WIA. 

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Latest update: 06.06.2024