Sustainability Communications: A Toolkit for Marketing and Advertising Courses

The International Association of Universities (IAU) and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) jointly produced a CD-ROM on Sustainability Communications - A Toolkit for Marketing and Advertising Courses.


  • demonstrate and analyze the marketing and communications potential of sustainable development in the framework of corporate social and environmental responsibility
  • allow the current and future marketing and communication professionals to become fully aware of the key role they could and should play by responding to new consumer demand for sustainability through the promotion of sustainable products and services
  • provide the necessary tools to develop both effective corporate communications strategies that build confidence in greener brands and powerful marketing campaigns on sustainable goods


The CD-ROM provides resources on Sustainability Communications for educators training tomorrow's marketing and communication professionals as well as for marketing and advertising trainers in the corporate field.

It offers numerous pedagogical resources - short presentations, campaign analyses, exercises, web links, bibliographies and more than 300 downloadable documents - to encourage students and communication experts to engage with sustainable development one of the major issues facing society today.

More Information

Note: The CD-ROM was created in 2007, hence it is slightly outdated for today's systems and not being reproduced anymore. A similar resource guide was launched by UNEP. For earlier case studies or more detailed information, please contact IAU at

Latest update: 08.11.2023