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Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon is the third largest university in Mexico and the most important public institution of higher education. Today, our university has about 197,381 students and 13,545 members of staff making a total of 210,916 people studying or working in the University. It is therefore important to maintain in good conditions UANL facilities from all campuses.

UANL philosophy on infrastructure is to provide the university community (scholars, students, and staff) with facilities and equipment of world-class quality standards, so that they can carry out their activities in the best possible conditions, despite the physical efforts and financial costs it involves.

In this context UANL has been establishing, over the last few years, standards and better environmental practices in design, construction, equipping, new facility operations, and building improvements and expansions. This allows our university to issue, assisted by the Vice Presidency of Sustainability, technical guideline with recommendations on the following aspects: building orientation, insulation, exhaust ventilation, green areas, occupancy sensor, water and energy efficiency, lighting, air conditioning, air quality, large windows, green roofs, and retention surfaces, among others. Their implementation has enabled more than 90 percent of the UANL schools and entities to attain high-efficiency air conditioning and lighting, which represents significant economic and energy savings.

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Latest update: 22.11.2023