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Sustainable Systems Class

The Sustainable Systems course is part of the Parsons First Year program at The New School. It is a 3-credit undergraduate course offered in multiple sections during the 2024 academic year (Summer 2024, Fall 2024, and Spring 2024).

The course explores the concept of sustainability across four main themes: Climate Change, Materials, Energy, and Water. The goal is to develop an "emotional and intellectual connection" with the environments and life forms impacted by human choices and activities. Students will examine these complex, interrelated environmental issues to understand how they connect to social and justice issues.

The course combines various learning activities including field trips, lectures, discussions, workshops, lab experiments, and seminars. Students will engage in fieldwork, applied research, and creative projects that address themes of diversity, adaptability, and resilience. Over 12.000 students have taken part in the class in the past 10 years since it was launched

The course is open to Parsons First Year students, as well as other students as space allows. It has a prerequisite of placement above or successful completion of NELP 1800 or 1810 for students who have English as a second language.

The Sustainable Systems course aims to empower designers, artists, and strategic thinkers to create more socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable products, systems, and services.

Learn more about the course catalog for Summer and Fall 2024 here

Latest update: 12.06.2024