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UOC Roadmap to reduce gender inequality

At UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) a new roadmap has been developed to address the challenges posed by gender inequalities over the course of the next five years. The UOC launched its Equality Plan 2020-2025 on 5 March to mark International Women's Day and, as UOC predident J. Planell said, to highlight "the University's consolidated commitment to the fight against gender inequalities".

This fourth plan implemented by the University to reduce gender inequality is based on the following eight guiding principles:

Gender mainstreaming: to integrate a gender perspective within all areas and processes of the University, focusing on the ways gender creates realities of inequality, designing actions that adapt to that perspective and stamping out discrimination.

Knowledge transformation: to generate and deliver non-androcentric knowledge that promotes equality and does not generate inequalities. This includes the creation of content for courses, degrees, research projects and classroom activities.

Non-discrimination: to identify, prevent and redress any possible discrimination based on sex, gender identity or sexual orientation in any area of the University.

Equity: to provide equal opportunities for all and implement measures to ensure the effectiveness of that equality, ie, to make sure it is sustainable and transformative.

Care perspective: to integrate the care perspective within the University, ie, to value and highlight the necessary activities related to family, which are traditionally ignored and excluded by the labour market and assigned solely to women.

Recognition of diversity: to understand difference as a rich resource and encourage the use of narratives and language that question the complex nature of society and by which everyone feels represented.

Feminism: to support equality in terms of rights and freedoms for all, regardless of gender.

Continuous improvement: to collect data that will enable us to assess the Plan's progression and identify where we need to improve to continue to work towards achieving gender equality in all areas.

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UOC is a Satellite institution for SDG 5 Gender Equality in the IAU Global Cluster for SDGs.

Latest update: 08.11.2023