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The University of Zurich (UZH) is committed to systematically expanding its contribution to local and global sustainability. As part of its work, the University implements and promotes projects in Teaching, Research, and Business operations that help raise awareness for regional and global sustainable development and that foster a sustainable use of resources at UZH.

Sustainable Development

The Sustainability Team at the University of Zurich supports existing activities surrounding sustainability in research, teaching, and daily operations. It coordinates implementation of various measures and fosters communication between all members of the UZH community who are working toward sustainability. More information about initiatives, networks and projects here. 

The UZH, in collaboration with the University of Fribourg, also has a research group on Environment and Climate: Impacts, Risks and Adaptation. Various projects are being developed.

The UZH is also a member of COPERNICUS Alliance

Sustainability Report

The University of Zurich published its second sustainability report in April 2021. The report shows through which activities in research, teaching and operations UZH contributes to the goals of sustainable development, and which changes have occurred in the reporting years 2019/2020. 

Find the Sustainability Report 2019/2020 here. 

Find out more about Sustainability at UZH.

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