Created in 1997, EuroScience is the European Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology for the benefit of society with Individual and corporate members from 75 countries. EuroScience members are researchers and science professionals from public and private universities, businesses, media, authorities, NGOs and citizens engaged in science. Members have backgrounds from all scientific disciplines, including engineering, life sciences, social sciences and humanities. The vision of EuroScience is a scientific workforce that creates positive change for society. This vision expresses their desire to support the development of a responsible scientific community that contributes to the well-being and prosperity of mankind and to the capacity of society to face the political, social and economic challenges ahead. The association acts to create the necessary conditions to empower the scientific community to strengthen its societal engagement and accountability by integrating a role for citizen involvement and scrutiny, while at the same time preserving the values of research freedom: open, exploratory, expert, curiosity-driven scientific investigation, with liberty of thought and expression.

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