The Green Office Movement

formerly linked to rootAbility

The Green Office Movement involves students, staff and academics working to advance sustainability in and beyond higher education. The Green Office Model, a student-led and staff-supported sustainability platform, is at the core of this movement. Our vision is that higher education institutions become catalysts for sustainability; our mission is to institutionalise sustainability in higher education. 

The Green Office Movement is based on a model, the Green Office Model, proposed by rootAbility which strives to make universities and communities more sustainable. The Green Office Model is used as a source of inspiration to request institutional support, resources and legitimacy for student-led and staff-supported sustainability units. The Green Office Model is open-source, freely available to everyone under a Creative Commons License. By the beginning of 2015, The Green Office Model is present in 10 Universities all around Europe, including The Netherlands, Germany and the UK.

The Green Office Movement was originally supported by rootAbility, an organisation which integrated into Students Organizing for Sustainability International, or SOS, in 2019. See the graphic below for details. 


Green Office Movement


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For more information about the Green Office Movement, go to their website, see  a recent press release from UNESCO, and check out their online course to establish a sustainability hub

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