Phoenicia University

C8F3+3Q Mazraat El Daoudiyeh, Lebanon


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Phoenicia University (PU) is a non-profit, private, and nonsectarian officially licensed institution of higher education. The University comprises six colleges: Architecture and Design, Arts and Sciences, Business, Engineering, Law and Political Science, and Public Health. PU is currently deemed as one of the fastest growing higher education institutions in the country.

The University’s dedication to educational equality and equity is underpinned by the University’s moral obligation to make quality education accessible to all. PU provides an outstanding level of education that values innovation in learning and teaching, thus preparing new generations of students to become job-ready graduates and lead in their chosen fields. This outstanding level of education is provided by faculty members and overseen by deans who have been selected for their distinguished academic backgrounds and international expertise.

Sustainability at PU

PU's dedication towards educational equality and equity extends to the commitment to sustainability reflects on their sustainability strategy outlining the efforts and plans for the future across various criteria. It highlights the comprehensive work undertaken by PU during the past years, as well as future plans. PU's sustainability initiatives are organized across multiple criteria, including general environment, energy efficiency and climate change, waste management, water resources management, social responsibility, sustainable transport, and education and research.

PU is dedicated to advancing sustainable development through its Environmental Health and Safety Policy (EHSP) and Sustainability Policy. These initiatives demonstrate PU's commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible resource management, foster a culture of sustainability across all aspects of its operations. Looking ahead, our long-term vision encompasses the full implementation of sustainability measures, a progressive increase in the utilization of renewable energy sources on campus, and the comprehensive integration of sustainability principles into all facets of PU's operations.
Recently, we established the Center for Research and Advancement (CFRA) as a fundamental cornerstone in our commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering innovation and sustainability. The CFRA operates in close alignment with PU's core priorities and objectives, ensuring that research undertakings are intrinsically linked to our institutional mission.

PU's Center for Research and Advancement embodies a progressive and forward-thinking approach, with a resolute commitment to contributing to the development of Lebanon and the surrounding region. Phoenicia University firmly believe in the power of multidisciplinary research as a catalyst for progress. Leveraging substantial resources and expertise, the center is dedicated to driving innovation and sustainability, creating novel solutions, and pushing the boundaries of research across various domains.

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