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Univerza v Mariboru

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University of Maribor

Sustainability at University of Maribor

By setting a positive example, the University of Maribor strives to create an innovative environment and an effective organisation contributing to balanced, sustainable and socially responsible development of the University, the city of Maribor and the entire country through discovery and transfer of new knowledge. Since the University does not yet implement all of these principles, both a Council and a Committee for Sustainability and Social Responsibility have been established. The Council has formulated various proposals for development, which will be presented at this year’s IRDO conference.

The University of Maribor comprises various faculties with more than 23,000 students and staff members. The consumption of energy, water and materials is therefore comparable to the consumption of large businesses. Environmental pollution is not generated only in lecture halls and labs but also in offices, at parking lots, etc. The transformation of the University into a sustainable and socially responsible institution requires the incorporation of all four dimensions of sustainable development (environmental, economic, social and ethical).

The sustainability dimensions should not be considered separate but interconnected pillars. The environmental dimension is the widest one and influences the social dimension, which in turn influences the economic dimension. Ethical values represent the common platform. Communication between stakeholders and their satisfaction in the process, which must be brought in line with the principles of sustainable development and social responsibility, is also of the utmost importance in order to contribute to human well-being.

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