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ACU online events directed at Climate resilient researchers

Under the title: Climate resilient researchers: essential skills to work with wicked problems the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) is offering two virtual events in March.

There is growing recognition of the need to re-think how we undertake adaptation and resilience research to urgently address the shifting challenges of climate change and climate variability. The ACU believes that inter- and trans-disciplinary approaches are needed to inform vital research on climate change. 

These sessions will aim to:

  • Explore the range of resilience and adaptation research being undertaken  
  • Highlight the obvious and less obvious competencies needed to do this work
  • Create connections and establish partnerships between early-career researchers
  • Add to the adaptation research community

There will  be two virtual events on two consecutive days, with the aim of making the events accessible to attendees in multiple time zones, on Wednesday, 8th March, and Thursday, 9th March 2023.

Learn more and register here

Latest update: 26.09.2023