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African Climate Ambassadors Training Programme 2022

The Ain Shams University, Egypt (an AAU Member) is offering a free training grant for African university students who are interested in becoming Climate Ambassadors. This training is in line with its Online Education programme on the SDGs and Climate Change and is brought to you in partnership with the Minister of Environment, Egypt and the Association of African Universities.

The AAU is inviting students from our members institutions to participate in this important training.  The training will hold virtually and is brought to you by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Environmental Research at Ain Shams University in cooperation with the Volunteer Team Foundation for Humanitarian Action. It is being hosted within the framework of the activities of the Million Youth Volunteer Initiative for Climate Adaptation and will be facilitated by experts in specialised scientific fields.    

Further details are provided below:
Dates:   February 12, 2022 - February 24, 2022
Target Participants:   African students in African universities 
Cost:  Free (No participation cost required)
Registration Link:
 Certificates of participation will be issued to participants at the end of the training. 
The training will among others offer participants the opportunity to: 

Familiarise themselves with the concept of climate change, its causes and impact in the field of agriculture, food, water, health and biodiversity, and on all the sustainable development goals of Agenda 2063, and in Africa in particular.

Calculate/determine individual carbon footprints and measures of reducing emissions caused by individual and household activities

Be knowledgeable about ways to confront climate change and the various climate adaptation measures for individual activities

Access reports and know about international organizations in this field.

Latest update: 09.10.2023