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Article on Indigenous and Intergenerational Learning in Families and Communities in Ethiopia

The full title of this article written by faculty and students at Bahir Dar University is Indigenous and intergenerational learning in families and communities in Ethiopia: what can adult literacy programmes learn from the traditional Orthodox church education?

Although Traditional Ethiopian Orthodox Church Education (TCE) has been involved in literacy teaching for over two millennia, its potential as a model and an asset for adult literacy programmes has not been recognised by literacy providers. This paper examines how people of different generations acquire and practise literacy within TCE, including issues around gender equality, and explores the implications for revitalising adult literacy programmes in Ethiopia. Informed by an ‘ideological model’ of literacy, this ethnographic-style research included in-depth interviews with TCE students, graduates and teachers. The study revealed that diverse literacies were being learnt and practised, embedded in both the spiritual and physical aspects of TCE, although women had extremely limited participation. The paper points to ways in which intergenerational learning within the TCE could provide a model for adult literacy and education programmes in Ethiopia.

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Latest update: 10.01.2024