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Botanical Garden University of Malaga

The Botanical Garden has been expanded to the entire University territory. It serves as a support for research in the following areas:

  1. Experimentation in Plant Biology (Botany, Plant Physiology); Recovery plans for threatened and/or endemic species. Phenomorphology and stress of plants; Morphogenesis of cells, tissues and plant organs; Adaptation of plants superior to NaCl stress.
  2. Experimentation in Chemical Engineering for the processes of obtaining activated carbon.
  3. Experimentation in Ecology and Microbiology. Controlled aquatic systems.
  4. Experimentation in Physics. Environmental radioactivity and greenhouse effect.

The research group belonging to the Department of Applied Physics, carries out experiments and measurements of the environmental radioactivity, both natural and artificial, of air, water and soil, studying its variations in relation to meteorology and its connection with atmospheric stability.

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Latest update: 17.11.2023