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Center for Sustainability and Gender Equality-Lebanese University

The Lebanese University established the “Center for Sustainability and Gender Equality” in the Faculty of Economics & Business Administration, under the agreement signed with the European Union within the Erasmus+ FREE program.

The purpose is to strengthen university partnerships in the field of gender equality in the world of business, management and sustainability in the higher education sector.

The Center will operate in coordination with all Lebanese University faculties, branches and centers to provide learning and research support to academics, students and researchers in issues related to gender equality, women empowerment in the world of business, management and sustainability of the higher education sector, in addition to capacity building through training services, digital and technical workshops, and to provide professional support related to curriculum integration.

he Center will also cooperate with similar centers in Arab and Western universities participating in the Erasmus+ FREE program to exchange best practices in the field of gender equality.

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Latest update: 26.09.2023