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Climate of Changes

Climate of Changes ("Clima de cambios" in Spanish) is an initiative of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru to inform and sensitize the public about the impacts of climate change in the country and the world. Peru is one of the most vulnerable countries to environmental imbalance and climate change; therefore, action is needed now to contribute to its preservation. In this way, the University, reaffirming its commitment to Peru and society, summons people and institutions from all over the country to act in favor of the environment. Its work channels the efforts of various units dedicated to research and development of environmental projects.

Through Climate of Changes, people can collaborate in three different ways: by sending a suggestion, sending information about an event, course or environmental activity they are organizing or want to promote, and by registering as a volunteer. In addition, the University has an institutional plan for specific actions, which have already been initiated and will continue in the future, such as the strategic waste management plan and the botanical and ethnobotanical garden project.

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Clima de cambios (in Spanish)

Latest update: 17.11.2023