Dandelions to the rescue of biodiversity! - INRS

Municipalities across the province of Quebec are taking part in the dandelion challenge, launched by a beekeeping company last year. Miel et Compagnie is trying to raise awareness about why we need to protect pollinating insects such as bees, wasps, and butterflies; three-quarters of the world’s food crops depend partly on pollination.

The National Institute of Scientific Research is taking part in #défipissenlits (dandelion challenge), also known as the No Mow May movement, which consists of letting the grass grow throughout the month of May to protect pollinators. By allowing dandelions and other flowers to grow in public and private spaces, beneficial insects have access to pollen and nectar. Often considered an undesirable weed, these bright yellow flowers are essential to the survival of bees. Unfortunately, bees and other pollinators are facing tough times. The Varroa mite is wiping out honey bee populations rapidly. Urban sprawl and perfect putting green lawns are destroying natural insect habitats and creating pollinator deserts, with nothing there to attract them and help them thrive. 

Furthermore, to preserve biodiversity, INRS does not use herbicides or pesticides on its grounds.
Happy pollination!

Find out more about the dandelion challenge by the INRS.

Latest update: 26.09.2023