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The DECODE Project

A research project of the UNESCO Chair in Community-Based Research and Social Responsibility in Higher Education in collaboration with the Knowledge for Change Consortium. In association with the University of Victoria and PRIA, the DECODE Project contribute to changes, and the democracy of knowledge. 

Knowledge and the Challenges of our times: 

In the face of pressing global challenges like climate crises, our communities seek solutions rooted in knowledge. But what knowledge? Whose knowledge? Join us in exploring the dimensions of knowledge, its sources, and its transformative power in addressing complex issues outlined by the UN SDGs. 

Project Overview: 

Framed within a gender and decolonial lens, this project is inspired by Tandon and Hall's insights on knowledge democracy and the recognition of community knowledge cultures. We seek collaboration with global networks of community and Indigenous-led research practitioners with the aim to amplify locally contextualized actionable knowledge in addressing challenges identified by communities themselves. 

This project would deepen our understanding of principles, policy implications, and supportive infrastructures needed to further advance community and Indigenous led knowledge movements. 


1. Systematize existing practices of community and Indigenous led participatory research.
2. Facilitate peer learning about good practices amongst civil society, engaged scholars and community researchers. 

Find more about the project and to get involve here!

Latest update: 13.03.2024