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Forest Protection (Bosque Protector La Prosperina)

The Protector Prosperina Forest (Bosque Protector La Prosperina) is a project led by ESPOL, in the Gustavo Galindo Campus, created to protect an area of ​​enormous wealth and biodiversity, especially in flora and fauna. The forest borders Cerro Blanco and has 560 hectares, of the 711 that make up the campus of ESPOL.The primary and secondary forest contain specimens of plants such as Ceibo, Balsas, Cocobolos, Cascolos, Palo Santo, Pechiches, Algarrobo, Fernan Sanchez, Pigios, Bototillos, Neem, Guayacanes, among other species.

To ensure adequate protection, the governing board of ESPOL persuaded the Ecuadorian Institute of Forestry and Natural Areas, INEFA, to declare the property of Campus Gustavo Galindo as Protected Forest and Vegetation. The government agency, by means of Resolution No. 0023, registered it as such in the Forest Registry and issued a statement on April 15, 1994, declaring the 540 hectares of dry forest owned by ESPOL as Protected Forest Vegetation. Currently, within the institution, a series of projects are being developed to promote the conservation and sustainability of the protected forest of Prosperina.

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