Free Resources on Sustainability, Climate Action and Higher Education

Where to start? Many great initiatives and resources for educators, students and engaged citizens are already out there. Here are some the IAU HESD team put together (September 2020): 

- AASHE (The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education) put together this 'checklist' titled "Beyond Doom and Gloom: Climate Solutions" with concrete steps to take climate action and further links: .

- AASHE and HEASC also look for Sustainability Policy Partners:

- UNEP Growing Green Jobs:

- Sustainability Improves Student Learning (SISL):

- Sustainability Education and Economic Development (SEED):

- Higher Education Sustainability Initiative:

- Change the Chamber (youth led Campaign):

- US Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development:

- FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education):

- IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change):

Please note: IAU is not responsible for the content on partner sites.

Latest update: 02.11.2023