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Index of Sustainable Development of Cities - Brazil

The Index of Sustainable Development of Cities - Brazil allows an overview and integrated view of Brazilian cities in each of the SDGs. It is a tool that aims to encourage compliance with the 2030 Agenda and an opportunity for cities to join the most advanced global sustainable development agenda. Thanks to the Index, Brazil is the only country in the world to follow the challenges and advances of all cities in the 2030 Agenda.

The IDSC-BR intends to generate a transformation movement in municipal public management. The intention is to guide the political action of mayors, define benchmarks and targets based on indicators and facilitate the monitoring of the SDGs at the local level. There is an index for each objective and another for the set of 17 SDGs, so that it is possible to assess the progress and challenges of Brazilian municipalities in meeting the 2030 Agenda, in general, and for each objective it establishes, in particular.

Thus, the IDSC-BR fulfills the double function of helping cities to measure their performance according to UN objectives, as well as allowing a series of analyzes that go beyond municipal limits. It is possible, for example, to verify and compare city data in broader territorial cuts (large regions, biomes, states and metropolitan regions), or to group municipalities according to common and specific characteristics, which go beyond territorial issues (such as aspects demographic, social and environmental factors, among others). By giving a score for each SDG, the index also allows other types of grouping of cities, for analysis and comparisons in the various thematic areas addressed by the UN objectives.

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Latest update: 26.09.2023