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IULM Food Academy

The IULM Food Academy is a non-profit association that aims to promote the culture of healthy and balanced nutrition, as this is of fundamental importance for health, providing in this regard the right indications for correct nutrition. More precisely, it consists in disseminating, through conferences, conventions, courses and any other initiative deemed necessary or appropriate, all the steps in the food production chain starting from the raw materials and then continuing with the transformation, production, packaging, storage and transport, up to to reach the communication and presentation of the food on consumers' tables.
Particular attention will be paid to the history and origins of foods, to the evaluation of the effectiveness of food communication, as well as to culture and information aimed at combating food taboos. 

The recipients of the Association's aims are mainly doctors, pharmacists, biologists, paramedical and healthcare personnel, gastronomes, oenologists and chefs, but also students and citizens of all levels to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy diet. The IULM Food Academy also publishes articles surrounding health and nutrition, and hosts conferences and workshops, the most recent of which was titled Food, Marketing, and the Brain: The Contribution of Neuroscience

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Latest update: 18.10.2023