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Launch of the FSGA/UNIQ Environmental Engineering Licentiate Program

The Quisqueya University, with its long experience in higher education and its membership of numerous international university networks, offers new and former graduates of the Haitian Baccalaureate its new program in Environmental Engineering. One of the objectives of this program is to support the country, through the training of professionals in environmental sciences, to achieve the Sustainable Development Objectives by 2030. This programme will help the Haitian State, through the training of its future managers, to define the environmental stakes in terms of environmental assessment and management, take into account health and environmental standards in terms of construction, waste and wastewater management and recovery... and to meet the international commitments made in terms of environmental management and protection, in particular those of COP21.

Entries are received at the UNIQ Local Office located at 218 Haut de Turgeau, Ave Jean Paul II, as soon as this memo is published. 

N. B.: Two scholarships will be awarded to the first two winners of the competition for admission to the first promotion.

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Latest update: 20.11.2023