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Malmö University Agenda for Global Engagement

Global engagement has always been a core value for Malmö University, and an essential dimension for our societal commitment and contributions to a more sustainable world. We recognize equal opportunities for all and academic freedom as fundamental for responsible internationalisation. Malmö University has always been dedicated to internationalisation. We were one of the first universities in Sweden to offer bachelor programmes in Eng-lish and brought internationalization to the campus by “internationalization at home”, a concept developed at the university in early 2000. Our university is truly multi-discpilinary and we are closely linked with the wider society in our education and research. We are proud to be culturally diverse and value partic-ipation for all. In 2019, the advisory board for Global Engagement was given the task to design a strategic document for global engagement, grounded in the university’s Strategy 2022 and in alignment with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. 

As a result of almost a year of dedicated work throughout the institution, we are proud to present the Agenda for Global Engagement, our road map for internationalisation for the coming six years. Under the slogan "A university aiming to improve life through global engagement and inclusive international collaboration" Malmö University aims to reach out to the world and targets different aims, including the key areas: A university with globally competent students, A university with research for global impact, A University with global outreach and An inclusive global university. 

The full Agenda for Global Engagement 2021-2026 by Malmö University can be found here.

Latest update: 02.11.2023