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McMaster Community Poverty Initiative (MCPI)

Created at the McMaster University, the McMaster Community Poverty Initiative (MCPI) was formed in 2007 to address local conditions of poverty. The McMaster Community Poverty Initiative is the title for a group of students, faculty and staff dedicated to research, advocacy and education and action related to poverty reduction. Together with their partners in the Hamilton community, they strive to use knowledge for social change. It will bring together people from the university (faculty, staff and students) and from organizations in the community who work in pursuit of a more equitable and just society. It will strive to involve people who live in poverty in all facets of its work. 

Its work and direction will be guided by the expertise of communities and individuals knowledgeable about what it means to be poor and to live in Hamilton. The members work to enhance understanding of the meaning and consequences of poverty, and its intersection with differences related to race, gender, class, immigration status, and ability - in order to inform and advocate for the systemic changes needed to eliminate it. 

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Latest update: 02.11.2023