The Network of Protected Areas (RAP)

The Network of Protected Areas of the University of Costa Rica (RAP) was created by the University Council in 2012. The Protected Areas Network is a special unit, attached to the Research Vice-Rectory of the University of Costa Rica, of a multidisciplinary nature, dedicated to the protection of natural reserve areas of the UCR or administered by agreements, which for national and international convenience institutions protect various natural resources.

Its goals are first to safeguard in perpetuity the territories and natural wealth that make up the various protected areas of the RAP, to guarantee their conservation and use in substantive activities of teaching, research and social action. Moreover, it aims to promote in the university and national community, the ecological-social value of small forest reserves in terms of academic benefits, environmental health and recognition of their importance and the integrated development of natural resources in the protected areas of the RAP through proper management that guarantees conservation, improvement of the environment and well-being of the community. Lastly it aspires to contribute to the development of university protected areas through the preparation and execution of management plans and operational plans in coordination and in conjunction with the respective units and ensure compliance with environmental regulations in the field of university protected areas.

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Latest update: 04.08.2023