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Office of Campus Sustainability

The University of Ottawa is deeply concerned about the environmental and social crises facing our planet and our society. As a higher education institution leader, the University of Ottawa plays its role in education, research and policy setting necessary to ensure the sustainable development of our planet, our nation, and our community. 


From 2006, the Office of Campus Sustainability bears responsibility for coordinating, promoting and implementing the University's sustainable development activities. It also works to develop positive solutions for today's economic, social and environmental challenges.

Main Activities

  • Promoting the values of sustainable development through operations, research and teachings
  • Ten goals presented under ten headings to ensure that all three spheres of sustainable development are respected.


The Sustainable Development Committee of the University of Ottawa has adopted the 4C model of campus sustainability (Campus, Community, Culture, Curriculum). This model aims to create a common language for members of our campus community.

Innovative Aspects

A truly collaborative effort, the Office's activities are informed through its daily interactions with individuals, organizations and departments across the campus and guided by the policies and practices approved by the University’s Sustainable Development Committee (SUDCOM).

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Latest update: 02.11.2023