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Open workshop - The SDGs: Making an imperfect framework work for higher education

The Higher Education sector has strongly recognised its unique and critical role in helping achieve the SDGs, and many HEIs have been embracing the SDGs as a framework to mobilise their education, research and engagement towards addressing these social challenges.

However, there are aspects in the design of the SDG framework that can make it tricky to apply in the HE context, and thus limit its usefulness. 

The aim of this webinar session is to help HEIs engage better with the SDGs framework as a tool for action by identifying the specific challenges they encounter in trying to use the framework, and crowdsourcing and brainstorming ways of addressing these challenges.  The session will also aim to capture the unique opportunities the SDGs framework can provide to HEIs.

In the session we will present an initial mapping of the issues, solutions and opportunities, and invite participants to build on it.

Anyone interested in the SDGs and higher education is welcome to join.

Register to the webinar at this link!

Latest update: 05.10.2023