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Open2Sustain project

The Open2Sustain project is a research type project, bringing together university partners from Euro-Mediterranean countries around the design of a process of appropriation of the SDGs.

The project aims to prepare the creation of a network of SDG facilitators in the Euro-Mediterranean region, through the development of a SPOC syllabus on the SDGs and the proposal of specifications for an environment sharing innovative scenarios, open educational resources and open pedagogical practices related to the SDGs. A pilot experience of the scenarios will be carried out by the partners and will focus on SDG 5 “Gender equality”.

This project has as a target scientists or other actors of research and sustainable development and focuses on the Mediterranean countries for an intervention.  

Some of the results that will be achieved are: an action plan for the integration of the SDGs into the academic paths of Euro-Mediterranean universities; a SPOC syllabus for training a network of SDG facilitators; an open teaching scenarios related to SDG 5; a platform for the exchange of open teaching practices and an Erasmus + Innovation Alliances dossier.

Find out more about Open2Sustain (in French).

Latest update: 26.09.2023