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Preservation and Sustainable Development of the Lacandon Jungle

Located in eastern Chiapas State, the Lacandon Jungle is the largest reserve of rainforest in the region and one of the significant ecological areas of Mexico and Mesoamerica. It contains the greatest biodiversity in the tropics, Mexico, and North America.

Since 2008 and as part of an agreement, UANL has collaborated with the nonprofit organization Natura and Mexican Ecosystems (NATURA) in the program ‘Preservation and Sustainable Development of the Lacandon Jungle’, which was initially implemented 25 years ago. NATURA is operated by renowned specialists of natural environment study and preservation.

This cooperation between NATURA and UANL allows to protect more than 320,000 hectares of rainforest storing over 29 million metric tons of CO2, which represents more than 106 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent and 77 million metric tons of oxygen released to the atmosphere.

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Latest update: 29.11.2023